Brian Hampton


  • BA Speech and Theatre Alma College, Alma Michigan
  • MA Advertising/Communications Michigan State University


  • Enlisted in U. S. Army at height of Vietnam War January 1968
  • Completed 8 weeks Basic Training Ft. Dix, NJ
  • Completed 8 weeks Advanced Infantry Training Ft. Dix NJ
  • Completed 23 ½ weeks Infantry Officer Training Ft. Benning, GA
  • Instructor in Persuasive Communications and Psychological Operations to Special Forces, JFK Special Warfare Ct. Ft. Bragg, NC
  • Completed Jungle Warfare Training, Panama Canal Zone
  • Section Chief of 4th Psychological Operations Group., Vietnam

Military Active Reserve Service Included

  • Three teaching assignments at JFK Special Warfare Center
  • Three assignments at the Army Operation Center, Pentagon
  • Commanding Officer of an Army Reserve Company

Further Military Accomplishments

  • Earned an advanced degree from the U. S. Army Command and Staff College, a course of study to learn how to direct military operations at the Continental, Theatre and Worldwide levels
  • Promoted from Second Lieutenant to First Lieutenant to Captain to Major. Retired as an Army Infantry Major in the Army Reserve

Professional and Career Highlights

  • Account Executive for a large advertising Agency
  • Political Consultant for iconic political consulting firm
  • Director of Communications for the national headquarters of the Federal Trade Commission
  • Director of Development for Kalamazoo College, Michigan
  • Director of Development for the USO World Headquarters

Self Employed:  Communications, Political and Fundraising Consulting

  • Directed federal political campaigns and fundraising nationwide
  • Created media outreach for nonprofit and political campaigns
  • Conceived and directed fundraising campaigns for clients
  • Taught university level classes and corporate executives on subjects of public speaking and business communications
  • Has given over 150 public addresses nationwide introducing over 70 Members of Congress and Presidential Appointees

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